LDM Architects provides clients with a full package of Architectural services.

    Site Planning & Analysis

    • PreDesign: Assist client in obtaining survey or geotechnical report, prepare project schedule,collect data and site analysis, survey and prepare measured drawings of visible conditions, analysis of space and volume requirements,  prepare space program, total project budget review.

    Design + Architecture

    Full Architectural Services: Design, Documentation & Construction

    • Design phasesa)Schematic Design Document (alternative Design Approaches, material selection) b)Design Development Documents (Design co-ordinations with sub-consultants; structural, electrical, plumbing, mechanical, heat loss calculations, c)Interior Design services (Finish Schedule, Colour Sample Board, material selection) Estimates of Construction cost at each phase
    • Construction Documents phase: prepare Drawings for: building permit, Bidding/ Negotiation with Contractors or Construction +  Cost Summary
    • Permits & Approvalsa)Review applicable codes, Building code Analysis, regulations and by-laws as part of design process b)prepare & submit client signed application for building permit c)Prepare & assist client to obtain: Site Plan Approval, Committee of Adjustment, Re-zoning Application
    • Bidding Phase/Negotiating: Assist client to: obtain bids, prepare construction contract
    • Construction phase– Contract Administration: General review at sites + reports, Certify Contractor applications for payment & Substantial Performance, Review of products, shop drawings and samples, change orders
    • Post– Construction: One year warranty follow up

    Landscape Design Services

    • Provide landscape plan which, illustrates the layout of plantings and hardscape area, paving patterns and colours, specifications for hardscape materials and construction details, co-ordination required for listing of plant material, sizes and quantities.

    Interior Design/Alteration

    • Assist client with interior design project; creative design solutions using simple playful forms, interior material selection from a well-balanced mix of materials, preparation of colour schedule, finishes schedule and Colour Sample Board.        

    Space Planning


    • Design a layout/planning module for open-plan environments providing daylight and
    • outdoor views  to each workstation, considering flexibility for future changes.       

    Tenant Fitout


    • The Tenant Fitout Design is to assist the Tenants in developing office designs and make turn the leased spaces controlled by the occupant. Scope of work: prepare partition layouts and Reflected Ceiling Plans, finishes schedule, specifications, drawings of service alterations including, but not limited to, air conditioning, electrical, fire protection, hydraulics, security, voice and/or data communications, structural and architectural.   



    All Items of this scope may not be useful for each project. Depending on the condition/ size of the project and also client’s desire, details of this scope may be rearranged. This scope will be more specified for larger projects (Details are available upon request).